LDE Corporate Trek

Table of Contents

Program Overview

In partnership with Carey Executive Education, custom Executive Treks are offered for organizations and their leaders (with expeditions to either Belize or Norway, depending on the season). Providing not only a thorough, research-driven understanding of leadership, but also hands-on opportunities to lead a team of peers and colleagues, these Executive Treks are an ideal tool for building an organization’s leadership pipeline.

Whether kayaking among remote islands in Belize (during winter months) or trekking Norwegian glaciers (during summer), the hands-on approach to leadership development, coupled with extensive feedback and coaching, allows high-potential future leaders to retreat from their day-to-day work and focus extensively on their learning and growth as a leader. Courses are customized to the needs and objectives of the specific organization/team, and provide a memorable, transformative experience that complements ongoing talent development efforts in the organization.

For more information, or to discuss creating a custom LDE Exec Trek, please contact Carey Executive Education: carey.execed@jhu.edu

Course Benefits

  • Spend 7 days exploring Norway’s highest mountain range and its famous fjords
  • Work as an expedition team to navigate trails, traverse glaciers, and summit Norway’s highest peak, while receiving frequent individual and team coaching and research-driven leadership seminar sessions
  • Focus on enhancing individual and team performance by integrating team members' diverse skills
  • Gain experience leading a group in a challenging environment, giving and receiving effective feedback, and developing team capabilities for success, and return to your job as a more dynamic and effective leader
  • Travel to a country that is continually ranked by the UN as the happiest and healthiest country in the world

Sample Expedition Outline

Based on Custom Norway Program; Available for Customization


  • Prior to the expedition in Norway, participants will meet for a full-day of course seminars, logistics, and individual feedback on goals for the expedition at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School campus in Baltimore’s Harbor East (or remote).
  • Additionally, participants will complete several leadership assessments online before the program, and will have individual coaching sessions with a certified career coach before and after the program.

Optional Day

  • For participants who arrive early, spend the afternoon exploring Norway’s famous fjords by kayak or paraglider. (All activities are independent and provided by Nordic Ventures as a separate activity for each individual participant; an extra cost applies)

Day 1

  • Arrive in Bergen by noon, travel to Fretheim Hotel
  • Team meeting and dinner, gear brief, and introductory session

Day 2

  • Travel to first DNT Cabin Sognefjellshytta
  • Day hiking, navigation skills, and team dynamics

Day 3

  • Full-day hike (12km) to DNT Cabin Skogadalsbøen
  • Hone expedition team dynamic

Day 4

  • Full-day, challenging hike (6km) to DNT Cabin Fannarakhytta
  • Stretch team abilities and practice leading through challenge

Day 5

  • Traverse stable glacier field and hike (6km) back to Sognefjellshytta
  • Short travel to DNT Cabin Juvasshytta (at the base of Galdhøpiggen)

Day 6

  • Full-day mountaineering summit of Norway’s highest peak, Galdhøpiggen
  • Travel to Fretheim Hotel and expedition finale celebration

Day 7

  • Return to Bergen
  • Course ends and participants are free for onward travel after 12:00 noon