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Course Overview

The Summer LDE Course (2-credits, graded) takes place in the mountains of Norway. Over the course of 10 days, students will trek through Norway’s famous mountains and fjords, traversing glacial fields and ultimately summiting the highest peak in Scandinavia.

The group will work together as an expedition team to navigate along trails and terrain, moving each day between various Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) “huts” (rustic cabins where meals and lodging are provided). Each individual will be responsible for leading the group through various challenges and working together - at times literally connected to one another (while trekking across the glacier).

Throughout the trip, students will focus on enhancing individual and team performance, learn and apply appropriate leadership models and provide/receive structured feedback.

Important Notes

There is an additional program fee for the LDE Course (in addition to the cost of tuition). The program fee covers all in-country lodging, meals, transportation and activity expenses throughout the course. The amount of the fee is available in the course syllabus and on SIS.

Students are also responsible for purchasing their own roundtrip international airfare to/from the course site.
LDE is a physically demanding course. Students should be in moderate physical condition. However, no technical outdoor skill or experience required - this is beginner friendly.

Tentative Course Schedule

Subject to Change; See Syllabus for More Details


  • Class Session - Course Introduction, Expedition Logistics, Leadership Assessment

Day 1

  • Arrive by 3PM in Bergen, Norway; Travel to Store Ringheim; Team Dinner

Day 2

  • Morning Class Session; Afternoon Team Skill Development

Day 3

  • Morning Hike near the Nærøyfjord; Afternoon Class Session; Travel to Jotunheimen National Park

Days 4-8

  • Five-day Hiking Trek; Traverse Glacier Fields; Summit Galdhøpiggen

Day 9

  • Travel to Skjolden; Team Debrief and Celebration Dinner

Day 10

  • Travel to Bergen (Official Course End); Students are Free for Onward Travel after 1:00PM


  • Class Session - Course Finale, Debrief, Leadership Path Reflections

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I pay the program fees & tuition?

  • $200 deposit is due by April 1st
  • Program fee balance of $2000 is due by May 1st
  • Summer Tuition bill is due on July 1st

What are the time requirements, other than the trip itself?

  • Students must be available for pre- and post-expedition seminars, either in person or online (in-person is strongly encouraged for local and regional students)
  • Students cannot register for any other Summer Session courses – you won’t be able to tend to coursework or access the internet for most of the time in Norway.

What are the academic course expectations?

  • Although this course has all the elements of an adventurous vacation, the academic assignments and the expectations for active participation demand a student to be fully engaged in activities and discussions around team leadership. Students will be evaluated and graded based on their contribution and influence in the team process.

How fit do I need to be for the course?

  • Before departing for Norway, students should be in strong hiking condition – able to hike on rolling terrain for 6-8 hours/day at a leisurely pace. If unsure what this means, students should be able to walk 5 miles without stopping.
  • Students must also be prepared to take physical and emotional risks, be uncomfortable and have a high level of tolerance for ambiguity.

When should I arrive? What should I plan for in my travel?

  • Students are responsible for their own airfare and must arrange flights so that they arrive in Bergen town center by 3pm local time. Students are free to fly out anytime after the official course end (we will provide more specific details about meeting location during the pre-trek session).
  • Students are encouraged to arrive early or extend their stay in Norway to enjoy more of what the country has to offer. We will spend most of our time in remote fjord and mountain towns during the course, but also encourage students to explore Bergen. We are happy to provide recommendations for locations, accommodations and activities for your extra time in Norway.


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